Hydrocarbons Colombia is an innovative new service that gives investors and other stakeholders the information they need on Latin America’s most dynamic oil and gas market. Combining daily news, statistical analysis and commentary from leaders in the Colombian industry, Hydrocarbons Colombia is the only on-line source available in English.

Success in this industry means not only on selecting the right properties and the right places to drill. Regulation plays a huge role determining everything from environmental licensing to transport infrastructure to community relations to royalties. Understanding these forces means understanding the culture, the individuals and the language. Hydrocarbons Colombia focuses on these so you can focus on the right decisions.

Receive an email every morning with the day’s happenings. One click takes you to our website for in depth reporting and commentary. Our value-add: every article has a Bottom-Line – what this means for the industry and what stakeholders should do about it.

While there, look for industry statistics including exclusives like our report on production by company and field or environmental licensing performance.

But what really makes Hydrocarbons Colombia unique are our collaborators: leaders who work in the industry every day and have served upstream, midstream, downstream, as regulators and as policy makers. They ensure our content is focused on what industry stakeholders need to know. Our collaborators also lead our monthly report. Their commentary goes way beyond the news and the numbers with insight into how Colombia policy makers think and what they are likely to do. Every day, every week, every month understand the Colombian oil and gas market as no one else can and make better decisions.

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